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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Flipside - Wembley
Courtesy of the West

 Chris' View:

Well here we are finally as promised so many times - Flipside Burger Bar!
It needs to be said that this was a high pressure venue, so many recommendations, so many attempts at going here and all of that on the back of me and the Doc having a ripper morning at the Beer Shop - just browsing Lady B, just browsing......love you Honey xx

It was a mid week lunch time on a slightly drizzly day and to be fair to them they had a good crowd in when we got there and it continued to flow in as we ate also. 

The Place

Flipside in Wembley is a small corner store right on Cambridge street, there is a bit of parking around the back and ample access for foot traffic.
The inside is poorly laid out, if they re thought their floor arrangement there would be lots more space inside or happy burger munchers to much their burgers, my only complaint.

The Burger

Not a huge menu, but then again too much choice can be just as bad as not enough. Beef and chicken options are available and yes if you tree huggers can unchain yourselves from that old growth forest and scrape up enough energy to get in there let alone hold and chew a burger you have some wonderful legume based options too, hurry up and evolve already!

They must have been expecting me as they have on the menu a BBQ Bacon and Cheese burger ($12) with all the correct ingredients for a real burger, ie meat, meat and dairy.

They were busy so we had a little time on our hands to discuss the sights of the Beer Shop and our imminent burgerliciousness.

Bam! after not too long food arrived, not together but in dribs and drabs, not cool.
The burger was a good size, not exceeding height restrictions, but failing slightly on the patty to bun ratio in my books.

It was cooked well and presented nicely but here is when it gets difficult. It just didn't have that zing, that wow about it. It was a good burger but it lacked the satisfaction that I wanted from it, I have enjoyed Hungry Jacks burgers (particularly the Bourbon Whopper) more than I enjoyed this gourmet creation, and at half the price I might add!

It was not a bad burger it just was not great.

The Chips

These were good, cooked well, sauce was middle of the range, I do wish that we had a larger serve though.

The Value

It was about $35 or so for both burgers, a serve of chips and a drink each. Not extortionate but still for the level of satisfaction I found it a bit steep.


Not bad, not great, I would go there if I was in the area but I don't think that I would go out of my way to go there again. A small menu means that you do what you do well enough not to need to offer more......well guys you need to lift your game if you are gonna play with the big dogs.

Burger (/10)  6
Chips (/5) 3
Value (/5) 3

Overall (/20) 12

Cam's View


I mean really. I give you one week up front. Let you sit at the grown-ups table. Let you write the main review. You had been showing promise. You had given me the impression that, yeah, you were on track to making a meaningful contribution to this blog and society in general.

But how wrong I was. And I feel bad, I do. 

It's hard to pin down exactly how you've disappointed me. That heading for one- were you distracted the day they taught headings in formatting school? BURN! And you've kept that blue font! Dude, when you're up front, use the big boy black. I don't think I need to tell you this, but when you use silly colours in your font.... well, you look like a flaming queen.

So let me try and pick up the pieces.

The Place

Wonderfully close to the beer shop. Easily accessible. Close to the beer shop.

The interior is okayish. Fish-and-chip shoppyish. Like Chris, I agree they could have sorted out some better seating inside-ish. 

I've decided I'm definitely not a fan of these long bars that you sit at communally to eat your meal. For one, I quite like my personal space at mealtime. I don't like being nuzzled by the giblets of my neighbour as I'm negotiating my burger. For that matter, I don't really like random people's giblets near me at all.

And do you sit opposite each other? Feels like a date. Beside? Too impersonal. And it makes it too difficult to undress him with my eyes. A burger should be eaten at 90 degrees to each other. Write it down. I come up with these pearls just for you guys.

The Burger

Look, I'm going to level with you. This was a while ago. I remember how I felt about the burger, I remember the place. I remember the chips. I don't know what it was called. All I know is it was the least memorable burger I'd had for awhile. 

I remember that when we went to the Burger Bistro I had The Big Smoke. I remember that when we went to Jus I had The fucking Guvnor. I'll tell you what I remember about this burger. It had beef in it. It had salad in it. It had some kind of sauce in it. And it wasn't objectionable. It was just dull.

The Chips

I agree with Lord Bacon. Middle of the road. Not amazing. Better than most. 

But yeah! What is with these small serves of chips? It's like the cheapest part of the meal to make. Heap a few more on, Jerkface! 

The Value

I walked away feeling a bit ripped off. What did I spend? I'll just check the menu and......huh. Doesn't look THAT bad. Average of about $12 a burger. $3 for small chips and $4.50 for regular is a little steep. And yet I remember distinctly walking away feeling a bit cheated. I suppose those are premium burger prices. And this wasn't a premium burger experience.


If you are a fan of the Flipside burger experience. Drive about 10 minutes away and go to Bilby's. They do it cheaper. They do it better. And they have more pleasant surrounds to eat it in.

Burger (/10) 6
Chips (/5) 3
Value (/5) 2.5

Overall (/20) 11.5

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