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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Burger World Mandurah

Burger World Mandurah
Mini Review

Burger World Mandurah
Picture from Burger Worlds FB page.

I took a little trip of my own without the good Doctor to visit this place a few weeks ago. I had to see if there was any serious competition outside the big smoke....

The Place:

It was a great location, down by the river on the main drag in Mandurah, the shop itself was a little plain, it is licensed and you could get imported lager there so that was all good. The staff are friendly and the menu choices are numerous.

The Burger:

I could not find something to fit my strict standards of burgerness, but they were happy to oblige me with adding bacon to my burger for a small fee.

The burger was huge! Out stabbed with a knife to hold the top on, things were not looking good for the height factor here people. I did my best to work it into a manageable height but ended up with sauce spewing out the knife hole for my troubles....poor form people! 
Bordering on a knife penalty I made my way in, the burger was too tall, too saucy and the patty too plain for my liking. 
The most amusing part was watching one of my fellow diners tackle a burger with egg in it, the yolk was on him! (you see what I did there was make.....oh never mind I am destined to be misunderstood!)

The Chips:

Big, fat and hand cut! These were good chips! Two bowls was too much for three burly stocktakers but they were damn good chips!


It was about $20 for the Trinity, not great, I would rather give my coin to Missy Moo!


Its not great but I have has worse, chips were great, don't rush out for this.

Burger (/10) 6
Chips (/5) 4.5
Value (/5) 3
Overall 13.5

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